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The C.R.I.B. Dream Team

The Dream Team is what we at the C.R.I.B. call our Advisory Board. This team included a group of 5- 7 community member who meet monthly at the C.R.I.B. to explore community themes and interests, co-design offerings, and plan calendar events using the Protective factors as a reference. The meeting are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month. Dream Team members have committed to 1 year of service minimum, with the option of staying for an addition year once their term is over. Dream team members are also expected to promote and participate in the form of support or leadership during program offering. If you are interested in learning more about how you can be a part of this team or future Dream Teams, feel free to contact us. Below is a list of the current Dream Team Members.

Denice Layne

Areas of Interest: Inner Peace and Tranquility, and maintaining them in the New Yorker lifestyle.
Favorite Color and Why: Black; It’s simple, sexy, and misunderstood. Anything in front of black will ‘POP’ out, similar to my personality.

Atalaya (Lala) Johnson

Areas of Interest: Children, Real Estate, and Generational Wealth.
Favorite Color and Why: Gold; It’s rare, special and awesome. You can’t get it anywhere.

Omar James

Areas of Interest: Positive Energy.
Favorite Color and Why: Black; It is the beginning of things and a humble color.

Michelle (Michie) Lindsay

Areas of Interest: Children, and providing the kind of home that children deserve.
Favorite Color and Why: Blue; I love the sky, always being free spirited and ‘Gone with the Wind’.

Oscar Moreno

Areas of Interest: DJing (competitive/battle)
Favorite Color and Why: Forest Green; I love nature, and grounding. I wish NY had more nature.